Elemental Summoner 2 (2021)

Elemental Summoner 2
Onward! Toward an adventure that they didn’t expect. Alex, Leeha, and Bridget are about to learn what’s going on at the Lake of Ruins. What they find there will provoke Alex to seek vengeance.

But the gate at the Lake of Ruins is not what he expected. Even God is silent about it. To be frank, Alex’s God is not only just silent but completely mute. Now he knows he’s on his own. But, as he moves through this new world of his, Boromour, he is not completely alone.

Leeha and Bridget help Alex adapt to Boromour, and to his new powers; powers he wants to unleash on those doing dreadful things at the Lake of Ruins. But this is not a time for a power showdown. Rather, it’s one for stealth, cunning, and -- as strange as it sounds -- close friendships.

As for his Chakras, Alex learns that gaining power is breaking his body, and he needs to train harder than ever. Opening his Chakras will either kill him or make him a force that Bomorour has never seen before.

This series contains the unabridged text (Meaning adult), mayhem, monster girls, fluffy tails, and just plain lots of magic.