Elemental Summoner 4 (2022)

Elemental Summoner 4
Alex thought things were good. He thought that humans were slowly getting the idea of monster races being equal, but things aren’t always that easy.

It’s been a struggle, but now Alex, with the help of his lovers Leeha and Bridget. But, now there is a third? Sara, the spirited catgirl, who wants to prove to Alex that she is up to the task of being a good girl in their group. He doesn’t think she needs to prove anything, but Sara isn’t out to just be a compatriot, but something more.

And as Alex is about to find out, there is more involved with these worlds that god runs. Angels might be his workforce, but he is about to find out that not everyone on the “job” enjoys it.

Come join Alex and his girls as he fights monsters, angels, and maybe even god himself to gain freedom for the planet. Things are about to get interesting!

This series contains the unabridged text, mayhem, monster girls, fluffy tails, and just plain lots of magic.