Alien Prince Uu'ton (2021)

Alien Prince Uu'ton
No sense in denying the inevitable. He must rescue her and make her his.


I just want to serve my brother Qor on the Brazer. He took on the Terrans, and fell for one. Me? I’m doing my best to keep on task, to thwart the efforts of the Abliadorian slave hunters. That is until they stole her. Now my twin hearts tell me to rescue her at all costs.


I can’t believe the Brazer left without rescuing me. Kenna wouldn’t do that to me, but now that she’s with her fated mate, I’m not sure she’s even noticed I’m gone. And why do I care? Why am I sitting here in servatitude dreaming of the Zorloxian on the Brazer’s crew? Why does he even cross my mind?