Alien Prince Leve (2021)

Alien Prince Leve
She’s captured by the pirates and now held captive on the dwarf planet. So what?


I had purpose before the Terrans entered our lives. I kept my distance, until she came on board and everything turned upside down. Suddenly, the mission took on a different meaning, dictated by my twin hearts.


I’ll be damned if I live as a slave to anyone. I thought joining with the Brazer would be the answer and a way out of life on the run. Boy, was I wrong. Oh yeah, they dropped my friends and me off. Out of the frying pan and into the fire.

So why do I sit here and hope he comes back to rescue me? Why is the blue brute with the light eyes even in my thoughts? Why does my skin crave his touch? It doesn’t matter, he’s eons away by now.