Bloodlust Blonde (2019)
by Steve Higgs
(#12 in Blue Moon Investigations (Short Story))

Bloodlust Blonde
Jane Butterworth doesn’t believe in normal, but then she used to be a vampire, and she works at a paranormal investigation agency. Oh, and she’s a boy.

When a name from her past suddenly surfaces, Jane knows that she is the only one that could solve the case. With the detectives unavailable and a tearfully desperate client, there is no choice but to pretend she knows what she is doing and answer the cry for help, but is she really dressed for fighting vampires?

Her client has a time-sensitive problem – she was bitten by a vampire last night and swears she can feel her canines growing. With no time to lose and a boyfriend at home making dinner, Jane begins a race against time to save the client and stop the transformation, but does the client even know what she wants?

Cross-dressing isn’t always glamorous.

This book is part is a long-running series that follows the cases undertaken by the Blue Moon Investigation agency. The stories do not contain cussing or graphic descriptions of sex or violence but do allude to both. There is nothing R rated but I would not let my nine-year-old niece read them.