Shadow in the Mine (2021)

Shadow in the Mine
Called to investigate a mystery at a local gypsum mine, paranormal detective, Tempest Michaels, expects to find a rational explanation for the strange events …

… instead, he discovers a body and a horrified staff.

Recent earthworks exposed something ancient, twisted, and above all evil. It has claimed one life already and the staff are terrified for who might be next.

No one saw what it was though, just a glimpse of a shadow.

Why does it want to keep people away from the area? Will it claim more bodies as the mine’s owners believe? Or can Tempest unravel the mystery behind the shadow before it can strike again?

One thing is for sure, this is like nothing he’s ever faced before, and just maybe this time, the creature is real.

The paranormal? It’s all nonsense, but proving might just get him killed.