Bakewell Tart Bludgeoning (2020)

Bakewell Tart Bludgeoning
’How Steve Higgs brilliantly comes up with page-turner after page-turner is beyond my understanding, but much to my delight.’ - Amazon customer.

On a culinary tour of the British Isles, retired Detective Superintendent Albert Smith and snarky former police dog Rex Harrison find something quite unexpected waiting for them at their B&B …

… it’s the almost-dead body of their landlady.

Refusing to believe in coincidence, Albert and Rex set out to discover why her ‘accident’ is the second terrible event there in two days. Something is stirring in Bakewell and it’s not the ingredients for a famous tart.

In trouble faster than a souffle can fall, the duo must work fast before anyone else has an accident. But the landlady’s twin sister is hiding a secret, Albert keeps calling it a tart when it’s a pudding, and their taxi driver, Asim, appears to use a language all of his own.

With Rex’s nose working overtime, you can be sure they’ll track down the bad guys responsible. Unfortunately, that might be when the real trouble begins.

Baking. It can get a guy killed.