The Alien Reindeer's Redemption (2019)

The Alien Reindeer's Redemption
Warrior Rylant doesn't want anything to do with Earth or the barbarians on its surface.

He's there to complete his mission. Get in, retrieve the lost Vondin tech, get out.
Then maybe his superior officers will get off his case about not being a team player.


He didn't count on a grey eyed goddess crossing his path.
Needing his help. Setting his blood on fire.

Until all he knows is he's on her team. No matter what.

Single mother Megan just wants to get her little girl back.

Strange men? Totally off the table. No matter how hot they are. Or nice they seems.
She's learned long ago trusting is for suckers.

But when the only way to get to the madman holding her baby hostage is to trust a stranger, can she let him in through the walls she's built around her heart?