The Alien Reindeer's Wish (2019)

The Alien Reindeer's Wish
When I wished for everything I wanted, I meant finally leaving Earth.
The universe sent me her instead…

Elle is on a secret mission.

Her best friend thinks they're on vacation in this cutesie Christmas-themed village to relax and have fun.
Elle doesn't remember the meaning of the word. She's here to write the most shocking, interesting, scary and weird articles the internet has ever seen.

And right now that means uncovering the mystery of the 'monster of Seven Pines'.

Enter Braxen…
Ridiculously, snow-meltingly, handsome toymaker.

Secret alien.

He would actually prefer you use his name over 'monster of Seven Pines', thank you very much.

Elle wants this story at all costs, and -- Braxen wants to protect his identity even more.
Everything would be so simple if they could just stay away from each other.

But sometimes you don't always get what you wished for…

Warning: This book contains scenes steamy enough to melt a snowman. Please read safely away from all ice sculptures with your fave holiday beverage, preferably near a crackling fire. Happy holidays!!
1708751114 / 9781708751111