The Alien Reindeer's Winter Cabin (2019)

The Alien Reindeer's Winter Cabin
Did Santa bring me my Fated Mate?​
When I retired from pulling Santa’s sleigh, my only desire is to settle down in a mountain cabin on a little planet called Earth and never talk to anyone again. That is until I’m hit by a car during a blizzard. When I meet the gorgeous, curvy angel who was driving the car, I immediately want to put her on top of my Christmas tree.​

But other aliens have made their way to Earth, too. The kind who destroys entire planets. The only way to protect Holly would be to leave her behind and force the monsters to follow me. That isn’t going to happen, though. Nothing is going to come between my mate and me.​

All I want is a freaking jolly Christmas!​
My holiday cheer is put to the test when I’m robbed at work on Christmas Eve and forget about my parents’ anniversary party. Dashing through the snow, things take a turn for the worse when I hit something. Then the crazy naked man who’d been running through the woods yells at me. I’d kill him if I could stop myself from staring at his breathtaking body.​

If this fool of a reindeer shifter thinks I’m going to let him save Christmas from the other aliens all by himself, I’ll have to kiss some sense into him. We’re like a good pair of winter mittens, complete opposites but a perfect pair when we're together.​