Forgetting the Alien Bride Lottery (2021)

Forgetting the Alien Bride Lottery
How can I fall in love with some alien when I don’t even know who I am?

Six weeks ago, I was a whole other person.

That’s what everyone tells me, anyway. But I don’t remember any of that. Or much of anything, to be honest.

The doctors call it retrograde amnesia. I call it hell.

When I’m drafted into the Alien Bride Lottery, I hope the Khanavai warriors will ignore me. I plan to keep my head down and continue working on recovering my memories. Anyway, what kind of alien idiot would want a brain-damaged bride who doesn’t even recognize her own name?

A giant orange beast of a Khanavai warrior, that’s who. He’s determined to help me regain what I’ve lost. I’m determined to go home and try to forget him.

But the more I remember, the more I worry that returning to Earth might not be safe.

And that bright orange alien could be the only one who can save me.